How To Know If A Girl Is Hungry For Sex?

You might have seen Asian pornstars moaning and wondering if she is turned on or just faking the orgasm. Also, many of you might have questions like “How to determine if my girl is turned on?”, and “How can I know if a girl wants to have sex?” In easy words, how does a woman looks when she is hungry for sex?

Let us find out the answer in this article

There are various articles on the internet that state some signs to determine if a girl wants to have sex. They include traits such as dried lips and shyness among them. But that is not accurate at all. Moreover, porn movies show signs such as a girl tightening her ass are also false. Follow these guidelines to be 100% accurate about this:

Ask her directly

If you are unsure about whether a woman is interested in sex or not then ask her directly. It is completely fine. Ask her genuinely if she is interested in having sex or not, she will tell you. Moreover, it will also increase the emotional relationship between you and your partner.

Most importantly, this will also ensure that you both are completely comfortable with being intimate and not just doing it to keep the other one happy.

The thing about those physical traits, so you have to know that it is completely false since every human is unique and one’s sexual desires cannot be determined with some dried lips. Can’t she be just thirsty? (Not for your cum of course).


So we hope you like this thread to know about the thirst of a woman to have sex. Let’s call it a day then.