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Travelling to Melbourne Australia

When young i was always dreaming of living it large in a country far far away. I had no idea what the country would be like over the other side of the world but i had so many different opinions on how great living over the other side would be.

At the young age of 27 i finally got to travel over to a new place and see if it was anything like what i had imagined all that time as a young one.

As the time got closer for my flight i started doing some research into what it was i wanted to do over there. With so many options designed exclusively for the tourist i was spoiled for choice.

There was though one thing that i really wanted to do.

Since a boy i had absolutely fallen in love with Humvee’s! watching them on Television i could see that they were a truck for a real man. They would go anywhere and above all they were massive! A hummer was my favorite truck of all.

Travelling to Melbourne was my chance to finally get my chance to ride in a hummer! They had all sorts of exotic cars for hire but all i wanted was to get my bum firmly seated in one of those monster hummers.

Once in Melbourne I soon realized that my dream of hiring a hummer was not as likely as i had first thought, then i come across an alternative that put a huge smile on my face!

Melbourne is the hot spot in Australia for Stretch Hummer Limo’s! They are absolutely everywhere! Well perhaps not everywhere but there is a good number.

I decided to go with a hummer hire Melbourne company called Melbourne Hire a Hummer to fulfill my hummer hire dreams.

Here is a Video i Borrowed from the owner that shows one of the Hummer Limousines they have. I promised him i would put it on my Blog :)


As you can see the Hummers are not exactly the Truck that i grew up in love with but i still loved every minute of the experience! Me and my friend booked the Limousine with 14 seats all to our self’s and were driven¬†from the airport all the way into the city center.

The service was excellent and there was free food and wine when the limo arrived that got us straight into the mood. If i ever go back to Melbourne i will certainly be getting back into another Humvee limousine.

If you ever go to Melbourne you can find this business by looking up

Melbourne Hire a Hummer, 2 Duke St Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, 3025 (03) 8658 8868

I hope you have enjoyed my story. Please come back to see my website again as i regularly update all my blogs with more stories from my trip to Melbourne.

Thanks for reading.

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